1973 Brochure

We reproduce, here, a copy of the race brocure produced for the 1973 event:




DATE: Saturday, 1st September, 1973.

"The toughest Long-Distance Canoe race in Europe" is a title which the 1973 race will undoubtedly uphold, with its flood water conditions on the 10 weirs and 2 sets of rapids on the 17.6 mile course. Its correct title - the "Irish Open International Long-Distance Canoe Racing Championships" reminds us of the teams from abroad who will compete for the Nations Trophy - the prime award - or the individual paddlers battling for the K1 or K2 first place trophies. To finish the course in one of these classes is in itself the measure of a fine canoeist.

Straffan, Co. Kildare - T.C.D. Boathouse, Islandbridge, Dublin. Distance 17.6 miles (28.2 kms.) International Grade 2 - 3

Camping facilities will be available at Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

All competitors must be able to swim, must wear adequate personal buoyancy throughout the race, and canoes must also carry sufficient buoyancy. Infringement of the safety precautions carries the penalty of automatic disqualification. All winning Kayaks will be checked at the finish.

All "K" Class boats must meet I.C.F. specification requirements:K1: 520 cm. max. length; 51 cm. min. beam: 12kg. min. weight K2: 650 cm. max. length; 55 cm. min. beam: 18kg. min. weight Underclassed Kayaks will be eligible in the above classes except Kayaks specifically designed for slalom or white water racing. Dimensions of boats eligible for the "open" Classes will be:

OPEN SINGLES: Any boat not exceeding 457 cm. in length and not less than 59 cm. beam. Boats specifically designed for slalom competition Minimum length 400 cm. Minimum beam 60 cm. In these matters the organisers' decision shall be final.

Each competitor must provide discs for his/her race number fore and aft on his/her boat and all paddlers must wear numbered bibs. These latter will be available on Friday night 19.00 hrs. to 21.00 hrs. and on Saturday morning 09.30 hrs. to 11.00 hrs. at the campsite and it is each paddlers own responsibility to collect or to have collected his/her number in good time. Issue of numbers will cease at 11.00 hrs. on Saturday and any late applicants will be disqualified. It is thus in your interests to apply for your number early as this rule will be rigidly enforced.

1. Lifejackets or buoyancy aids must be worn.
2. In the event of a capsize, any competitor may be assisted from the water and receive assistance removing and emptying the canoe.
3. Male competitors may not receive any assistance in the course of a portage or in re-entering the race after a capsize.
4. Lady competitors may receive assistance at any portage, or in re-entering the race after a capsize.
5. International Teams must show either the name of their country or its recognised initials on the bow decking of their canoes.
6. Team supporters may only supply spare paddles or repair kits and may not assist in any repair work.
7. Competitors who retire must advise a Marshal at once and return their race number to him. Marshals will be found at every bridge, weir or portage.

Infringement of any rule renders the competitor liable to disqualification.

START Straffan House, Straffan, Co. Kildare

Only competitors with numbers and buoyancy will be allowed inside the gates of Straffan House.

Starting order will be:-

13.30 K2 Senior + K2 Junior
13.35 Kl Senior
13.40 Kl Junior
13.45 K1 Ladies
13.50 Open singles
13.55 Open doubles

T.C.D. Boathouse, Islandbridge, Dublin. Changing facilities and showers will be available. Refreshments will be provided for all paddlers at the finish.

The Nations Trophy will be awarded for the fastest aggregate time for one K2 and two Kls from any Country or Federation.

First, second, and third prizes will be awarded in all classes and in addition there will be a prize for the first slalom boat and the first lady in the open singles class.

We are grateful to the following for their donation of trophies or prizes

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. Craft Centre
  3. Irish Precision Mouldings
  4. Kirton Kayaks (G.B.)
  5. D. R. Martin
  6. Gael-Linn

All those finishing the course will receive track-suit badges. Prizes (except the Nations Trophy) will be presented at the finish about 17.00 hrs.

A dinner and social evening is being arranged for the night of the race (September 1st) for which only a limited number of tickets will be available. Details of cost and venue will be sent to all entrants for the race. Others who require tickets should apply to F. Lee, 18 Cypress Road, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin. The Nations' Trophy will be presented at this function.

All entries must be made on the attached form in advance. Irish Entries before midnight on Sunday 19th August, 1973. Other Entries by midnight on Tuesday 28th August, 1973. All entries must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee as shown on the form. Remittance should be made payable to the "Irish Canoe Union". Junior competitors (under 19 on 1/1/73) must have their entry form countersigned by an official of their Club to vouch for their competence and by their parent or guardian to accept responsibility.

Forms with remittance are to be sent to:
F. Lee, L.D. Racing Officer Irish Canoe Union 

Doubles should register on one form only but note that two fees will be required.

The following weekend (September 8th/9th) sees an innovation in Irish International canoeing with the holding of a two-day stage marathon event on the River Liffey. The total distance paddled is 70 miles - a unique experience in marathon racing in that the course provides such variety as open lakes, narrow fast stretches, two long portages, and numerous weirs and rapids. Entries can be accepted up to Monday September 3rd, but it would assist greatly if you indicate on your Liffey Descent form whether you wish to paddle in this race. There will be both Senior and Junior K1 and K2 Classes.


Date: 25th to 27th August 1973.

The B.C.U. and I.C.U. have arranged their International events on consecutive weekends to enable competitors from outside Great Britain and Ireland to attend these major events in a round trip thus reducing travel and expense.

Information on the above event from: "The British Canoe Union"